Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Light Bulbs

Several years ago, we only had one type of light bulb to choose from, the incandescent bulb. These bulbs lasted a month or so before you would need to replace them again, depending on the frequency of use. They also required a lot of energy to work. You would pick the bulb wattage by how bright you needed it to be 65, 75, 100 watts. Today, you can still get an incandescent bulb, for a limited time they are going to be phased out around 2020, but you now have the option of using CFL or LED bulbs. 


CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs use about 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last longer. These bulbs emit a bright and evenly spread light. They also cost less than LED bulbs. CFL bulbs can be sensitive to cold weather, they contain Mercury, and they need a few minutes to warm up to reach their brightest. They also cannot be used with a dimmer.  

LED light bulbs last on average between 20,000 – 50,000 hours and require why less electricity than any other bulb available. LED bulbs light up immediately, stay cool to the touch, are not sensitive to cold weather and can be used with a LED dimmer. The only cons to LED bulbs are that the light may not spread as evenly as the other bulbs and they are more expensive. But the cost ratio to how much longer they last is well worth the price difference. Start replacing your bulbs with LED to save yourself money in the long run!